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Presidentí»s Message
Welcome to Business College of Shanxi University

Dear Students:
For all of you, selecting a university, which is consistent with your ideal, hobbies, personalities, learned knowledge, and skillful structure, is not only to realize your great aspiration “the revitalization of Chinese Nation and serving the motherland” with the view of “Greater Culture”, but also to carry out the Great Love of gaining fames and shedding glory on parents with “the ultimate aim of showing piety at home”. Well, how much do you know about Business College of Shanxi University?

The word of “Business” originated from English. It is a general term for some economic organizations, such as enterprises and commercial organizations etc, involving in activities related to physical science, management affairs and humanistic truth, and information exchanges to realize their operation targets. There are both sufficient ancient cultural connotation and modern science and technology in the efficiency and earnings of commercial trades. As the teaching and research base of the culture of Jin (another name for Shanxi Province) Merchants, Business College of Shanxi University mainly translates the promotion of students’ cultural qualities and the integration of “how to behave oneself” and “integrity-based Jin Merchant Culture” into practice. Also as the teaching and research base of the modern business, the College turns the combination of “how to think and learn” with natural and social sciences led by “the modern information technology” into reality.

Approved by China’s Ministry of Education and Shanxi Government to be the first independent college of Shanxi, Business College of Shanxi University was awarded the honary title of advanced independent colleges of China in 2010. Since it was founded in 2001, the College adheres to the school mission—“to cultivate advanced and application-type talents with modern business ideas, innovative awareness and the capacity of entrepreneurship oriented to the market demand”. It demonstrates its unique characteristics and stands out in the development of Chinese business colleges by relying on Shanxi University’s centennial historical tradition and advantages and inheriting the essence of Jin Merchant’s Culture, including magnificence, generosity, compactness and honesty.

Knowledge alters destiny and integrity casts life. Entering colleges is the important phase for acquiring knowledge, improving personality and seizing future. Here I sincerely welcome all of students with great expectation. Let’s create the bright future of numerous students and Business College of Shanxi University!