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President’s Message
Overview of Business College of Shanxi University

◆◇Founded in March, 2001, Business College of Shanxi University was approved to be an independent college by China’s Ministry of Education and Shanxi Government. Located in a historic, cultural and famous city¬¬—Taiyuan, with a history of more than 2,500 years, the college covers 66.7 hectares and mainly recruits students from Shanxi Province, and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. Up to now, there are 16,900 students and 1,134 faculty, among which the number of full-time teachers is 829. Currently there are three secondary schools— Accounting School, Management School, and Information School; 10 departments, including E-commerce Department, Department of Culture and Communication, Law Department, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Art and Design, Department of Physical Education, Department of Economics, Department of Music, Ideological and Political Teaching and Study Department, and Basic Teaching Department, with 68 college undergraduate majors and specialties and the system of academic disciplines in which management science, economics and literature are the mainly body the other disciplines have also been established.

◆◇We have splendid environment and sufficient schooling facilities. The coverage of school buildings is 332,000 square meters, with 130,300 square meters for teaching and administrative buildings and 127,000 square meters for students’ dorms. There are 96 multi-media classrooms, 13 language labs, 12,100 seats in total, and 79 modern labs, including network information security labs, ERP labs, simultaneous interpreting lab which are ranked the province’s leading level. Besides, there exist 3,140 computers for teaching and there are 3,100 seats, 1.03 millions paper books and 1,316 various journals in the library with a floor space of 17,1000 square meters. The modern communicating network service with more than 4100 information points are provided by the campus network adopting the megabytes core switched bandwidth and gigabit Ethernet switch. The stadium covers 70,000 square meters.

◆◇While inheriting the excellent schooling tradition of the centennial Shanxi University, our college has cautious and orderly teaching management and robust campus culture. Our schooling orientation, that is, “to cultivate advanced and application-type talents with modern business ideas, innovative awareness and having the capacity of entrepreneurship targeting to the market demand,” was established.

◆◇During 13 years, the teaching-centered and student-oriented school awareness based on the education of people has been formed with consistent exploration and practice.

◆◇We insist on ensuring the educating ideas, teaching contents, methodologies and approaches and models to be consistent with the training of application-type talents and make every effort to create better environment for the talents;

◆◇We stick to strengthening the practice teaching, regarding the establishment and improvement of the practical teaching system as the important factor to enhance the teaching quality and treating the information technique as the essential measures to strengthen the teaching quality.

◆◇We insist on the double –competency teachers team to be the major reliable factor to guarantee the schooling orientation and training goals, in order to improve the training capacity and teaching for application-type talents and ensure our college to be the first rank among independent colleges in China. Therefore, we were granted the honorary fame of the National Advanced Independent Colleges in 2010.

 ◆◇We had outstanding fruits in various matches and competitions, such as the National Undergraduate Mathematical Contests in Modeling, The National College ERP Simulation Match, the National Collegiate Network Production Application Contest, the National College English Contest, the Challenge Cup National Collegiate Entrepreneurship Design and Science and Technology Work Competition of Teachers and Students , the National Students Art Performance, the National Large-scale Aerobics Exercise Standard Contest. Therefore, our college was continuously regarded to be the “Civilized and Harmonious Organization” of Shanxi Province since it was founded.

◆◇During the last decade, our college has been built to be the one with graceful environment and advanced facilities, and the expected scale was realized, so it has drawn broad attention and common compliments from social media. However, there is a gap from the real college in 10-year construction.

◆◇How to improve ourselves becomes the central issue for the transmission of our college and the core of improving ourselves is to improve the education quality, which is the biggest core and challenge. It the second decade of the college development, our goal is to realize the connotative development, to build our college to be the influential modern teaching college featured with the training of application-type talents, so as to cultivate advanced application-type graduates with the sense of social responsibility, innovative and competition competences, and to excel the Business College Of Shanxi University on the soil with profound relics of Jin Merchant Culture.