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Project of Overseas Teaching Masters of Education Ministry in BCSU

On May 23rd, 2013, Prof David Goodman from Sydney University of Australia, one of the “Overseas Teaching Masters” of Education Ministry of China, delivered am academic lecture, titled Middle Class China: Dreams and Aspirations, which led to thunderous applauses from teachers and students of Department of Economics because of his penetrating perspectives and humorous expressions.

Prof. David Goodman was hired as visiting professor of our college at the opening ceremony of “Overseas Teaching Masters”. In the following five years, Professor David Goodman will work at the college for 10 days each year. During this period, he will have the profound exploration with our young teachers about how to start academic studies and take part in international cooperative research programs, which will assist our college to broaden the college’s cooperation and communications with other Australian famous universities.

The Project of Overseas Teaching Masters was launched in the affiliated colleges of the Education Ministry, in order to promote the quality of higher education in China and strengthen the comprehensive competitive ability of colleges. The Project will back up colleges of China to hire a lot of well-known overseas teaching masters to teach and undertake research cooperation. The Teaching Masters in the Project refers to internationally recognized foreign experts or scholars with higher academic attainments in certain field or professional field.